Involving gender in adaptation to climate change

Gender is important in the mitigation and adaptation to climate change therefore the need to mainstream gender into climate change analysis. The think tank on gender and climate change focuses on land use and land management practices as key factors in climate change dynamics and for which Africa has utmost concern due to the land resource-based economies through agriculture as the mainstay of most of the economies on the continent.
We believe that there is a gender dimension in the causes and impacts of climate change and the responses to them are linked to how land and land resources are used and managed in agriculture in Africa.

Registered Office of the Organization

The registered office of GECCAA is situated in the Republic of Uganda

Purpose of GECCAA

To support research, consultancy, and advocacy on gender and DRR in different agricultural systems in Africa

Nature of GECCAA

GECCAA is a non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization.

Advocacy and Lobby function

GECCAA undertakes advocacy and lobby in furtherance of its activities.