Gender in Climate Change and African Agriculture objectives:

  1. To identify and inventory research and surveys, work and persons engaged in gender, climate change and Agriculture in Africa.
  2. To foster and conduct research and analysis on gender in climate change in the African Agricultural system.
  3. To promote gender analysis in integrated assessments related to climate, DRR, agriculture and environment.
  4. To develop and deliver training in gender, DRR and climate change analysis in the agriculture sector.
  5. To disseminate information on gender in climate change, DRR and agriculture.
  6. To facilitate networking and dialogue for members by hosting networking platforms and workshop events.
  7. To coordinate funding of research, training and outreach by donors or other funding agencies.
  8. To initiate research and outreach activities designed to address the major issues confronted by Governments, private sector, NGOs and the donor agencies;
  9. To engage in consultancy assignments that contribute to the development of knowledge and management of gender issues in climate change, DRR and agriculture.
  10. To disseminate research findings through conferences, field days publications, workshops, short courses and other relevant media;
  11. To develop close relationships with relevant local, regional and international climate and agricultural research centers and universities to foster greater understanding, collaboration and communication;
  12. To play an advocacy and lobby role for the development of gender in climate change and agricultural training in Africa.
  13. To contribute to policy and other national and international agenda that promote gender in climate change, DRR and agriculture.
  14. To arrange, hold and provide for or join in arranging, holding and providing for lectures, exhibitions, meetings, classes, conferences and other things reasonably necessary for the advancement of the objectives of GECCAA
  15. To do such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment or furtherance of the above objectives
  16. In implementing its programmes and objects, GECCAA shall promote training of African women and engagement of women in its activities.