Currently there is global concern on climate change and its impact on food security and risk to mankind. Indeed, gender in climate change is important as the global emphasis is on the need to main stream gender into climate change analysis. At the same time the role of data and information in climate change and research dialogue have been highlighted as key in adaptation and mitigation efforts.

We believe that there is a gender dimension in the causes and impacts of climate change and the responses to them are linked to how land and land resources are used and managed in agriculture by different gender groups in Africa. With this background, there is need for a think tank on gender and climate.

The think tank on gender and climate change will focus on land use and land management practices, as key factors in climate change dynamics and for which Africa has utmost concern due to largely agriculture dependent economies on the continent. Membership to GECCA is now welcome.

Membership of GECCAA is open to experts, managers and policy makers focused on understanding and providing data and information on the impacts of climate change and disaster risk on different gender groups as well as the understanding of the different roles that the gender groups play in adaptation in agriculture.

GECCAA is in the inception stages and currently we are calling for individual membership. These will later be invitations for a general meeting to discuss on how to move GECCAA forward.

GECCAA Membership is open to experts, managers and policy makers.  Following the button below to subscribe